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Our AI Services

AI Consultation

Not sure how AI can be used in your business? Or not know you need Monkforge, but don’t know how? Or you want to use AI to skyrocket your profits and save your business time, but don’t know how? Whether you're looking to sprinkle a little AI magic into your operations, or have a grand vision but need a nudge in the right direction. We're here to chat, answer questions, and help plot the course. 

The Limit is Your Imagination..

Anything is possible with Monkforge. Everything AI, Content, Design, Marketing, or even a strategic partnership. 

Just give us the call and it shall be built.

AI Chatbots

Think of them as your digital employees: boosting lead generation, providing round-the-clock customer service, and even guiding staff training. They're the versatile tool that keeps your business ticking, guiding customers through sales funnels, gathering valuable feedback, and even handling reservations or bookings.

AI Phone Agents

Imagine AI phone agents boosting your business, handling calls, cold calling, and assisting in  automating tasks. They're like super-powered team members, ready 24/7 to help your business shine by managing workloads and making each customer feel special & cared for.

AI Powered CRM

An AI CRM is your key to business growth, streamlining the blend of sales and marketing to turn leads into revenue on autopilot. It can interact with all of your other ai solutions in your business, save you hours each day, and thousands of dollars.

AI Social Funnel

You may have a basic understanding of chatbots, but to fully leverage AI, you have to utilize it within Social Media. Everyday more businesses are utilizing these softwares to skyrocket brand awareness, provide a better customer experience, and fully monetize their social media presence.

Custom AI Automations

Custom automations take the heavy lifting off you and your team's shoulders. They can streamline advanced tasks efficiently, so you have more you time (and you money). Onboarding, Client Acquisition, Fulfillment, you name any operation, and it can be automated with AI

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